Thank you fall

fallfoliageFall is my favourite time of year. It’s so contemplative. Everything stands still and breathes its last breath. Sinking deeper into the soil and rooting itself into the ground.

Fall is full of magic and colour. The rich browns, tans and umbers.  As if everything is quiet. Listening  for us to thank them for all the hard work they did this year.

Fall is open sky, alive and dancing with groups of birds coming together in symphony. They fly together. Finding their place in the current of each others’ movement. I find this unison so peaceful.

Nature has always been my obvious connection to the Spirit. And living in the city simply means I need to look more intently to find that connection. I take every chance I can get to drive out of the city. But we have the River outside our door step and the gardens and the sky. We are connected, simply by placing our hands and feet in the dirt. We are connected, simply by breathing the fresh air and letting the scent of wild oregano and mint fill our nostrils. We are connected by being with others. By laughing and crying with each other and by being in the present.

I am beginning to enter into the idea of meditation. I know it is the next step in my healing and yet I resist it. My mind wants to race forward or backward. It wants to stay busy. I hope to hear stories of other people’s journey’s into this mysterious place of resting.

Thank you fall.


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