Stress…many people live here

IMG_2489The effects of stress are paramount and devastating. Impacting the self/body both through inflammation and emotional turbulence. Wreaking havoc on the whole system, causing breakdown/disease and eventual death.

It impacts relationships and decision making. Impacts the sensory system making it very difficult to function in any aggravated/stimulated state. Intimacy is broken, or rather can not be tolerated because it is too overwhelming for the body. Conflict is present but not handled well. Only pushing back and very little common sense.

Resistance to everything and everyone is the state of the mind. It is seeking solace and peace somewhere, away from everything. Depression. Commitments are broken. Values and standards of health are over-ruled by the need for immediate gratification. The fight/flight response trumps any reason and reminder of consequence.

All this piling up eventually topples over in utter exhaustion and debilitation.

I believe many people live here.

Financial stress, parenting stress, perfectionism and busyness. Those who find no comfort in being them self and are pushing too hard to be something other.

Is there hope? Is there reason and stability again? Is there a path of contentment and functioning that allows the body to settle into rest and digest? Over time. After collapse and self-acceptance. After allowing the “doing” to get over-ruled by “being”. After the rejection of performance and perfection and accomplishing something more than what we can handle. There is hope, beyond running away.


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