Things I’m Loving

Out of town family coming to visit us in Winnipeg, making everything new and fresh and wonderful again. Laughter from 3 yr olds playing with gerbils Cousins holding hands Big hammock swings that can be so relaxing after a long day Quinoa pancakes with cottage cheese Sunny front steps to welcome neighbourhood friends who come… Read More Things I’m Loving

Stress…many people live here

The effects of stress are paramount and devastating. Impacting the self/body both through inflammation and emotional turbulence. Wreaking havoc on the whole system, causing breakdown/disease and eventual death. It impacts relationships and decision making. Impacts the sensory system making it very difficult to function in any aggravated/stimulated state. Intimacy is broken, or rather can not be… Read More Stress…many people live here


inside the womb good and the ugly comfort and the claustrophobia sweet and poison noise gets louder. anxiety ramps up. pressure pot boils hotter. trapped in this womb of a space shared space shared place shared stuff grace painting by Jade Hullen

Thank you fall

Fall is my favourite time of year. It’s so contemplative. Everything stands still and breathes its last breath. Sinking deeper into the soil and rooting itself into the ground. Fall is full of magic and colour. The rich browns, tans and umbers.  As if everything is quiet. Listening  for us to thank them for all… Read More Thank you fall